Press Argan


visuel-argan-longPrecious and rareargan oil is the ancestral beauty secret of Berber women.

Argan oil, extracted from the fruit of the argan tree, nicknamed “tree of life”, is prepared by craftsmen in Morocco. Cold pressed, 100% pure and certified organicit is naturally rich inantioxidant vitamin E and essential fatty acids (Omega 6 & 9).

Innovation synergy and natural, BT Cosmetics argan oil  mist is a powerful multi-function care.


Easy application, uniform, confortable et fast.
Fluide texture and non greasy thanks to its mist application.


•    Facial day care: Strengthens the natural barrier of the epidermis and prevents cell aging  caused by aggressions (sun, pollution, cold, stress).
•    Facial night care: Anti-aging nourishes, regenerates and protects the skin elasticity.
•    Care of hands and nails: Nourishes chapped hands and brittle nails.
•    Capillary BalmStrengthens the scalpprotects  and nourishes fragile hair.
•    Moisturizing body, massage oil and after-sun care.
•    Healing care, eczema and stretch marks.


•     Vitamie E :  Natural antioxidants.
•    Omega 6 & 9,  tocopherols and polyphenols:  Anti-free radical, regenerating and revitalizing softening action.
•   Result: Smoothsilky and nourished skin without feeling sticky.