Questions and Answers

Does the Jet Set Sun protect the skin against the sun?
Unlike « true tanning », the Jet Set Sun has no protection against UV rays.
In case of exposure, it is essential to protect your skin with a sun protection for your skin type. You can also apply your sun protection on the “Jet Set Sun’s application ».
However, dermatologists have found that women who are already tanned tend not to
Expose themselves as much to hazartous UV rays, as they have already built up a base tan.
Applying the Jet Set Sun at least one week before departure, your natural tan will be brighter and more uniform. And it will last longer.

Should I prepare my skin before applying the Jet Set Sun?
We recommend that you make a scrub before to remove excess of dead skin cells. The result will be even more homogeneous.


In my memory, self-tanning products left traces, they had an unpleasant smell … What about Jet Set Sun?
The Jet Set Sun’s technology is outstanding at all levels: quality of the result (natural effect homogeneity of the color), texture quality (easy to apply), fun to use (no smell, mist …).
Try Jet Set Sun, you will be very pleasantly surprised!

What makes the Jet Set Sun so pleasant to apply?
The Jet Set Sun is a true cosmetic revolution. Its formula enriched texture is designed to sublimate the skin … The result: skin supple, comfortable, and a wonderfully natural golden tan.

UVA, UVB … Why are they so bad for the skin?
UVB rays reach the skin. Very energetic, they are responsible for sunburn. They can also cause irreversible damage by altering the DNA of skin cells. UVA radiation is less agressive than UVB, but we get 1000 times more than UVB. These rays are present throughout the year and through windows. They reach the dermis and deep skin structures. These are the main responsible for premature skin aging: wrinkles, dark spots, loss of elasticity, dryness …

What should we think of UV tannin beds, which are supposed to prepare the skin for tanning?
They are banned completely: they are UVA which only accelerate skin aging.
Paying to tan in tanning beds is paying for damaged skin!