Workshop Argan Oil

Usage tips :

– Face and Body care: Apply a small amount to clean, dry skin and massage gently.
– Hair care: rub a small amount of oil in the still wet hair by massaging with the fingertips. For intensive care, use a larger amount, leave for a while and proceed with a shampoo.
– Nail care: apply one drop on each nail and massage. Alternatively, soak nails in a mixture of argan oil and lemon juice for a few minutes.



Beauty tips

Face : apply morning and / or evening on cleansed skin with gentle massage.
Hair: spread a dose of oil on the lengths and ends. Leave on 30 minutes before each shampoo.
Body: apply oil massage after showering or bathing, it gives the skin unparalleled softness, without leaving a greasy feeling.
Nails: use argan oil bath with a mixture of lemon juice, it regenerates brittle and split nails.
Skin Care: dry to very dry skin, repair the surface layers of damaged skin, perfectly tolerated, suitable for sensitive skin.

To hydrate the skin:

The BT Cosmetics Argan mist is always used “raw” in dermal application against aging and very dry skin, to massage or mixed with the bath water. It softens the skin, hydrate and protects it from drying out.

To prolong your tan:

It is also used for superficial sunburns and irritated skin. From the first appearance of redness, use argan oil on your sunburn. It will soothe the burn.

To knock cellulite:

Apply argan oil, massage the area in clockwise direction, pinching the skin with the thumb and forefinger.

To relax in style

It also allows you to combine the pleasure of the massage to the benefits of vitamin E in body. Massage to moisturize, nourish, soften your skin after bath or shower. Massage your body and slip into a hot bath …

To make hair shine

When applied to the hair, Argan Oil restores radiance, suppleness and shine to hair. Apply argan oil on the lengths and ends thirty minutes before shampooing.

To strengthen nails:

Argan oil by BT Cosmetics is also recommended for the treatment of brittle and split nails. it strengthens and protects against external aggressions. On fragile nails it strengthens and protects.

To fight against some skin problems:

It is recommended against acne, chapped skin, burns. Indeed, it helps the healing and helps such as to remove the traces of chickenpox.